Welcome to HauntedBears.com
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Thanks for dropping by to visit the home of the Haunted Bears. We’re two dead bears that hang out with two living humans who think Halloween is fun. We're not professional haunters. Neither are the humans. We’re just ghosts and they’re just insane. And you really shouldn’t be here. It’s not that the site is haunted, because you know ghosts. We love it when you enter a haunted place thinking you’re in control. It’s just that there are entire pages that aren’t finished, links that don’t work, and all sorts of stuff that will frustrate you if you go wandering around here. That’s because the site is under construction. We’re bears. We need help putting up the pages. We lack those opposable thumbs you’re always bragging about. So, our humans load the pages. They load them periodically to check if they work. Sometimes that takes days. When they’re all done, they take the site back down. So if you’re looking at this and we told you the site is under construction, you’ve caught our humans tinkering on the site. But it might disappear again. Just like ghosts. Spooky, huh? If you choose to go looking around even though we warned you, here’s some advice. If you stumble across a page with a brown background, you might as well go somewhere else. It’s a generic template. That page isn’t even on the radar yet. You’ll just be reading the final draft of the welcome page again and again. The headline may be different, but the guts of the page are missing. And trust us; we know what missing guts look like. Darn coyotes didn’t even wait for our friends to give us a decent funeral. Some links will just bump you up against a notice that you’re too eager and you’re looking at a page that doesn’t have anything on it yet. Try to channel your inner bear. Go do something a bear would do. Hunt for berries, eat some grubs, or scratch your back on a tree. Until the pages are all done, you might as well have some fun. We think it would be so much cooler if we had one page with a big, honking, animated GIF that says the site is under construction. Every time you come to visit, you’d be staring at the same sign reminding you that you have no idea what kind of time frame bears use. Four months out of the year we’re hibernating. The rest of the time we’re probably more interested in eating food and napping. So, if it seems to you that the website is taking too long to get finished, it’s probably because you really need to take more naps. Besides, our humans have told us that under no circumstances are we to ever, EVER, put an Under Construction sign on this site. Apparently they’re old enough to remember GeoCities, whatever that is; and Under Construction signs were the way people told you they had a website that would never be uploaded. So, we promised to finish the website one day. And until then, we promised to never, ever, put up an Under Construction sign anywhere on this website.
Humans have no idea how bears think!